Saturday, March 21, 2009

World Poetry Day

My dear poet friends,

My best wishes to you all on this World Poetry Day.We have been celebrating this day for the last 10 years, after the declaration of 21 March as World Poetry Day by UNESCO in 1999.

This year, Mongolian poets climbed to the top of

Bogd Khaan Mountain and flew the flag of the poem “My horse, we need the field of the world!” by Begziin Yavuuhulan, a great Mongolian poet of the twentieth century. Yes, world is poetry field of all of us. My dear poet friends, may your pen’s point be sharp and may your mind be always wise and may all human beings remain calm and at peace.


G Mend-Ooyo


Mongolian Academy of Poetry and Culture
Дэлхийн Яруу Найргийн өдөр

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