Saturday, March 19, 2011

“I am coming to you” poem in 30 languages

UNESCO announced that every year the March 21st would be the World Poetry Day which is being celebrated for the 12th time by Mongolian poets. This year a poetry and calligraphy exhibition called “Mother Earth” is being held for the occasion. Also, as part of the occasion and exhibition, an opening ceremony of a book which is a collection of 30 different translations of the poem “I am coming to you” by Mongolian poet Mend-Ooyo will be held at 15:30, on March 23rd at the Mongolian National Modern Art gallery, the same place of the exhibition.
Various foreign language translations of the poem will be recited during the opening ceremony which will be attended by many cultural and literary figures of Mongolia.
Also on this special day, a message from the General-Director of UNESCO will be announced to the public.

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